why life carry problems?
By Priya, Posted on 06/04/2021 - 4 Comments
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Posted by Archana Sood on 15/04/2021

Without tough times, good times have no value. Similarly, problems in life come to make us stronger and get the best out of us. We give our best only if we are down or have no other alternative. Hence adversity brings out the best out of us. If there were no problems, how would we get solutions?

Posted by Harshdev Jhirmiria on 08/04/2021

Our life are a mixture of good, sad, happy and bad days. There is a saying that, all days are not rainbows. There are some hard times where people feel helpless and don´t understand what to do. But it is life and life do have problems. It has problems because we are humans and we tend to make mistakes or misunderstand certain things and sometimes make wrong choices which lead us to a bad problem. But at the end we dint have to.lose hope, we have to be strong and steady and tackle each problem that comes our way and fight our way out from this like a victorious person. Problems are just a way to test our ability and capacity to deal with things and to know how much we can take and how we can deal.

Posted by CM on 08/04/2021

Life carry problems, yes its true. Life is all about facing problems if you don`t have any problem then definitely you will never know the value of life. Once if you face problem and overcome it then you can lead your life in any situations though it may be best or worst.

Never focus more on your problems because if you focus more then the negativity increases and the view on our lives will get changed.

Therefore lead a happy life though if you have problems in your life. Perception changes everything and gives positive hope towards the life.

Posted by Divya patil on 07/04/2021

  1. Life without the problem is nothing..!

  2. Succesful people always carry two thing with on thier face

  3. Smile with your problem and silence to avoid you problem

  4. Life face many problem like health; financial; family and many so.

  5. But they have slove

  6. Be silence n smile to avoid you problem..!

Slove the problem or leave the problem

But donot live with them.❤️

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