Which monument is the oldest in Indian history?
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Posted by tabrez alam on 21/06/2021

although it is very difficult to say that which monument is the oldest in Indian history but The Shree Jagannath Temple of Puri is definitely one of the most ancient historical temple of India situated on the eastern cost of India at Puri in the state of Orisha. it is an important pilgrimage destination and it is one of the great 'char dham' pilgrimage sites found at four corners of India.

Posted by Gowtham on 21/06/2021


The year 1591 AD, Charminar is the pulsating heart of Hyderabad's. The milestone of the city was worked by the fifth leader of Qutb Shahi administration, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. Charminar, a landmark and mosque, is a monumental model that praises the impact of the Muslim Turkomans in India. Viewed as in the best ten landmarks of the nation, here's a little something about the construction and its set of experiences. Charminar is a square-molded design worked out of rock and lime mortar. The landmark transcenently has an Islamic-style configuration, however impacts of Hindu design can likewise be found in its ornamentation. It is flanked by four minarets everywhere which are 48.7 meters high. It is accepted that the four minarets are emblematic of Islam's initial four Khalifas. Every minaret is four stories tall, and the floors are partitioned by wonderfully cut rings around it.

The mosque is situated on the highest level, and guests can appreciate a short move of the 149 stages to arrive. The purpose for building a particularly structural wonder stays indistinct, however it is broadly acknowledged that the Charminar was worked to recognise the annihilation of the plague which was far reaching during that period in the city. As indicated by Jean de Thevenot, a French voyager of the seventeenth century whose portrayal was supplemented with the accessible Persian messages, the development was done to commend the start of the second Islamic thousand years year. Others have come to accept that the lord raised the design at the very spot where he originally looked at his future begum (spouse), Bhagmati.

Posted by Janhvi Singh on 17/06/2021

The Charminar, one of India's oldest monuments, is located in the heart of Hyderabad. Charminar is known for its exquisite construction, making it one of India's most well-known landmarks. Locals and visitors alike are familiar with the nearby Laad Bazaar and the 400-year-old mosque on the top floor of Charminar.

Posted by Satyendra Singh Dhurve on 01/06/2021

Bhimbetka caves of MP are one of the oldest monuments in Indian history. these caves were the house of the earliest humans. probably it was formed 20000-50000 years ago.

this is one of the most famous archeological sites of India. similar to this one can also think of Kurnool caves, Patne, Hunsgi etc.

Posted by Gaurisha on 21/05/2021

Charminar, one of the oldest monument of India is located at the heart of the Hyderabad city. You can go inside Charminar to witness the knowledge of Art that our predecessors had.

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