When did the first battle of panipath fought ?
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Posted by Gowtham on 21/06/2021

The First Battle of Panipat was a year 1526, battled between Lodi Empire and the attacking powers of Babur to build up the Mughal Empire in India. At that point, Mughal powers drove by a Timurid leader of Kabul, Babur were on attacking binge in India. The Delhi Sultanate was governed by the Afghan Lodi Dynasty. In the year 1526, on April 21 , a furious fight was battled between the decision power Lodi Dynasty drove by Ibrahim Lodi and Babur close to a little town (present-day) Panipat, in Haryana. The fight is named as the main fight that presented the utilisation of explosive and field cannons. As Lodi's military was to a great extent reliant upon cavalry, Babur's tactical virtuoso and current innovation prompted their adversary's loss. It is assessed that Babur's 12000 men armed force crushed almost 50,000 armed force troops drove by Lodi. It is accepted that the sound of guns scared the conflict elephants from Lodi's side and they squashed their own men.

Babur utilised present day strategies of fighting and presented the destructive blend of Tulghuma and Araba. Tulghuma implied the division of the military into the left, right and focus units, while Araba alluded to the trucks used to dispatch cannon fire. Ibrahim Lodi kicked the bucket on the field and Babur arose successful in the First Battle of Panipat. It is accepted that if Ibrahim had experienced one more hour, the Mughals may have lost the fight as Babur had insignificant holds left. This denoted the finish of Lodi Dynasty or the Delhi Sultanate and set up the Mughal Rule in Northern India. The place that is known for Panipat has seen many significant fights throughout the entire existence of India. It is likewise the land where most extreme fights to vanquish the Northern piece of Indian were battled.

Posted by Rashim Chawla on 06/06/2021

It was fought in 1526 AD. It was between Babur and Ibrahm lodhi. After this war, Mughal dynasty was established by Ibrahim Lodhi and remained an important event in history. Babur won because of Artilery which was absent with any northern ruler. Moreover there was no unity in the rulers as whole but only for their land that's why babur succeeded in occupying areas after areas. And eventually became the ruler of whole northern India.

Posted by Murugeswari.A on 01/06/2021

First battle of panipat was took place on 21st April 1526 between the strongest Babur and Ibrahim Lodi. Babur won the first battle of panipat and it was marked as the beginning of Mughal dynasty and end of Delhi sultanate.

Posted by Priya on 28/05/2021

The first battle of Panipat took place on 21st April1526. It was fought between Mughal forces led by Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi, who was the sultan of Delhi. Even though Babur who was the ruler of Kabulistan had a smaller army, he defeated the much larger army of the Lodhi empire. The first battle of Panipat was the stepping stone for the establishment of the Mughal empire in India. The Mughal emperors ruled India for many years.

Posted by chanmeet singh on 27/05/2021

First battle of panipat was fought on 21st April 1526. This battle was fought between Ibrahim Lodi and the mughal emperor Babur. it was the beginning of mughal empire in India. Lodi had much larger army than Babur but still he was defeated by babur. the most advantage that led babur to win was his tactics and artillery. Lodi died on field and it was the time babur won the battle. Babur had trained his men before he came up for battle. they were well equipped and very well trained. specifically they were trained in use of gunpowder weapons. it was believed 100000 men with 1000 elephants Ibrahim confronted Babur.

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