What is the diet should we provide to be healthy in summer before going out in sun stroke?
By Khaja Imran mohiuddin, Posted on 23/03/2019 - 26 Comments
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Posted by sundari balakrishnan on 13/06/2021

Before going out in sun to avoid sunstroke wear white cotton clothes so that heat penetration is minimum. Drink lots of water, juices and eat salads of fresh fruits like water melon, musk melon, cucumber sprinkled with salt. Drink milk with Gon Khatira or sabja . Soak gon Khatira in water for 3-4 hours also, sabja can be soaked in water and added with milk. Carry with you water and electrol powder so that you can avoid sunstroke.

Posted by Ahammed Rashid on 04/06/2021

Summer seasons are very hard to live because of heat. The most common problems in the summer season is heatstroke and dehydration as well as summer infections. Dry lips and tongue ,headache, highly fatigue ,muscle pains and cramps,dizziness, weakness and extreme sweating are the symptoms. Foods like green moong sprouts, kokum,bitter gourds, cucumber, watermelon,banana shakes,barely, pineapple, mint, fresh coconut water etc helps to prevent us from dehydration. Coconut water also contains a lot of essential minerals which helps the body to maintain the electrolyte balance. Also green moong sprouts are highly cooling food , hence, it is a perfect snack in summer season. Watermelon is low calorie content with higher water content, sweet and juicy which contains many important vitamins like vitamin C,B, beta-carotene which are necessary for the production energy, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients. Adding curds and other milk based cold drinks like lassi, etc to our daily diet is also a very good solution to be healthy in summer season. Food stuffs like poppy seeds, lemon juice, tamarind, fennel seed are also a very good choice of our daily diet during summer season inorder to keep our body cool.

Posted by MOHAMMED SHAHID on 04/06/2021

The diet which we need to follow in summer especially before you going out in sun stroke to keep your body healthy are as follows :-

  • Most importantly you need to keep your body hydrated always

  • You can drink lemon water , coconut water , fruit juices , vegetable juices , cold soups , butter milk , energy drinks etc

  • Have fruits or vegetables which are rich in water like ; water melons , oranges , grape , pineapple , mangoes , cucumber , green leafy vegetables , tomatoes etc

  • you can make a smoothie containing these fruits and vegetables for your better health .

Posted by Revanth vishal on 31/05/2021

In Summer, we face water loss regularly. The water in our body is continuously going out through urine and sweating. Because of it most of them get fainted. So, we must be aware of healthy diet which should be strictly followed before going out in sun stroke. The first thing is you should consume plenty of water periodically. You water consumption per day should be doubled the value during winter. More water through sweating and urine must balanced by the more water intake. Second thing is you drink the fresh juice of fruits which has higher water content. The fruits such as Watermelon, sugarcane can be used for fresh juice. You either put sugar or not put sugar in juice. These are helpful like consuming water but the difference is in juice you get carbohydrate and vitamins, minerals. These provide energy for you. The best thing is having a sugarcane juice, this juice has highest sugar content. The diabetic patient are not advisable to drink this juice. If you are diabetic patient, You can make juice which has lesser sugar content. Final thing is you can eat food which are lesser in protein and higher in carbohydrate. The proteins makes you eat less. If you less protein contained food, it makes you fell stomach full sense. But it is not in the case of carbohydrate, it gives your energy and make your water loss lesser. The food which are rich in carbohydrate are rice, potato and bread. Eat half stomach of food and another half for water. It is best idea.

Posted by Abarna S on 27/05/2021

It is essential to take fruits like watermelon , juices like coconut water and vegetables in the regular diet to avoid heat related illness.Water content is high in these items and thats it help the body to keep well hydrated.

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