What are the different types of data bases and what is the full form of rdbms?
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Posted by Sandeep Rai on 25/06/2021

There are many types of databases which are as follows:

1) Centralised database

2) Distributed database

3) Personal database

4) Graph database

5) End- user database

6) NoSQL database

7) Object - Oriented database

8) Cloud database

9) Operational database

10) Relational database

11) Commercial database

RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. It is a digital database based on the relational model of data as proposed by E. F. Codd in 1970.

Posted by Padma on 12/06/2021

The different types of databases are:

1. Relational database.

2.Graph database.

3. Document-oriented database.

4. Distributed database.

5.Oracle database.

6.Hirerachical database.

7. Object database.

8.Operational database.

9.Network Database.

10.object-oriented database.

11.Relational database.

12.Cloud database.

13.Centralized database.

14.Commercial database.

15.End-user database.

rdbms is nothing but Relational Database Management System.

Posted by Riyaz Ahmed on 07/06/2021

The databases are categorized into the following:-

  1. Relational Databases such as Oracle, SQLServer or MYSQL

  2. Object-oriented DBMS such as Db4o

  3. NoSQL such as MongoDB, Redis

  4. Graph DBMS such as Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Neo4j

  5. Native XML based DBMS

  6. RDF stores such as Jena

Posted by Murugeswari.A on 03/06/2021

The database is the collection of data stored in a standardized format. The database management system is the software that defines the database and stores the data that supports query language.

Database is of different types they are

Hierarchical database

Network database

Relational database

Object oriented database

The full form of RDMS is Relational Database Management System . Relational database stores data in a table format which contains rows and columns.

Posted by Atul sharma on 27/05/2021

There are eleven types of data bases and they are: centralized, distributed, personal, end-user, commercial, NoSQL , operational, relational, cloud, object oriented and Graph data base. As far as RDBMS is concerned then it is eighth one Relational Data base management system.

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