How is vitamin c helps our health life?
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Posted by Gowtham on 20/06/2021

Vitamin C is one of the most secure and best supplements, specialists say. In spite of the fact that it may not be the remedy for the normal chilly, the advantages of nutrient C may incorporate insurance against insusceptible framework inadequacies, cardiovascular sickness, pre-birth medical conditions, eye illness, and even skin wrinkling. The mediocre upper admission level (or the greatest sum you can require in a day that probably will not cause hurt) is 2000 mg daily for grown-ups.

"Vitamin C has gotten a lot of consideration, and in light of current circumstances. Higher blood levels of nutrient C might be the best nourishment marker for generally wellbeing," says study analyst Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, of the University of Michigan. "The more we study vitamin C, the better our comprehension of how different it is in securing our wellbeing, from cardiovascular, malignancy, stroke, eye wellbeing & invulnerability to living longer."

Vitamin c is fundamental for our body . Suggested measure of nutrient c for ladies admission is 75mg each day and for men admission is 90mg each day . Nutrient c assists with forestalling iron inadequacies by improving iron ingestion , that is vitamin c can assist with improving the assimilation of iron from the eating routine , it helps with changing over iron that is inadequately retained, ,for example, plant based wellsprings of iron in to a structure that is simpler to ingest. Vitamin c assists with battling coronary illness , hazard factors and particularly bringing down coronary illness hazard . Next advantage is it supports resistance by assisting white with blooding cells work better . that is nutrient c energizes the creation of white platelets known as lymphocytes and phagocytes , which secures the body against diseases ., nutrient c is fundamental piece of the skin safeguard framework it is effectively moved to the skin where it can go about as fortifying the skin . Nutrient c likewise benefits our wellbeing , it could diminish blood uric corrosive levels and it will assist with forestalling Gout assaults . Gout manifestations seem when there is an excess of uric corrosive in the blood . A few examinations recommend that nutrient c may help decrease uric corrosive in blood and subsequently it will help in challenge Gout assaults.

Some of vitamin c most extravagant food are :-

banana , oranges , tomatoes , broccoli , red peppers , kiwi , citrus natural product , strawberries , potatoes , apple , spinach and lemon and so on are some of best nutrient c rich food sources we can remember for our eating regimen for solid way of life .

Posted by M.Maheswari on 12/06/2021

Vitamin c is very important for our health to get glowing skin, repair tissues f,or reducing the gums swelling, like inflammation and if taken regularly as good as it on your immune system.

Posted by Jesse Owens I on 07/06/2021

Vitamin C has a great role in human body. It helps the eye sight, muscular strength, help to heal wounds etc. Our immune systems also need. Vitamin C makes the health of skin tissues, heart and old aged people.

Posted by Deepthi on 04/06/2021

vitamin-c is a water soluble vitamin. The only vitamin obtained from fruits and vegetables not from the animal food.

  • Deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy which is losing strength in gums.

  • It is an anti-oxident helps in rejuvenating all kinds of cells on human body

  • Reduces fatigue and strengthens the bone and muscles

  • Acts as a anti-ageing.

  • Immunity booster

  • Helps in maintaing Blood pressure

  • Stress and muscle relaxing agent.

Posted by MOHAMMED SHAHID on 27/05/2021

Vitamin c is essential for our body . Recommended amount of vitamin c for women intake is 75mg per day and for men intake is 90mg per day . Vitamin c helps to prevent iron deficiencies by improving iron absorption , that is vitamin c can help to improve the absorption of iron from the diet , it assists in converting iron that is poorly absorbed ,such as plant based sources of iron in to a form that is easier to absorb . Vitamin c helps to fight heart disease , risk factors and especially lowering heart disease risk . Next benefit is it boosts immunity by by helping white blood cells function better . that is vitamin c helps encourage the production of white blood cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes , which helps protect the body against infections ., vitamin c is essential part of the skin defense system it is actively transported to the skin where it can act as strengthening the skin . Vitamin c also benefits our health , it could reduce blood uric acid levels and it will help to prevent Gout attacks . Gout symptoms appear when there is too much uric acid in the blood . Several studies suggest that vitamin c may help reduce uric acid in blood and hence it will help in protest against Gout attacks . Some of vitamin c richest food are as follows :- banana , oranges , tomatoes , broccoli , red peppers , kiwi , citrus fruit , strawberries , potatoes , apple , spinach and lemon etc are some of best vitamin c rich foods we can include in our diet for healthy life style .

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